Phlebotomists: Important Health Care Team Members

Types of Collection Agencies

Financial Credit Collection

Commercial credit collection agencies provide services to the financial sector like banks and financial institutions. The types of debts range from auto loans to credit cards to mortgage payments. These credit collection agencies buy bad debts at discounts from banks, retailers, and auto financiers and then engage in the debt recovery process.

Health Care Credit Collection

The prime motive of a health care provider is to ensure that a patient receives quality and timely medical attention. An additional responsibility to collect debts may dilute the focus of the health care provider and also affect the financial strength of the organization. Hence a health care provider can agree to partner with a credit collection agency for any legal debt recovery. The methods employed for debt recovery are determined by agreement between the healthcare provider and the collection company, in line with the parameters allowed by law.


Credit collection agencies also offer their services to retail business operations. Debt collection for these creditors includes debts like unpaid health club memberships and telephone bills.

Bad Check Recovery

Bad checks/NSF can be detrimental to the cash flow of a business and the collection of bad debts arising due to fraud can become an unwieldy task for a business. Collection agencies are equipped with the necessary know-how and resources to tackle such cases involving bad checks. Such collection agencies would pay the receiver an up front sum of a certain percentage of the face value of the check.

Outsourcing the credit collection process allows the creditor to pass off debt liability to an agency that is better equipped to recover these bad debts. The bad debt account is evaluated and the creditor is paid an up front sum. The liability of the debts is then passed on to the collection agency.

Health Kits For Urine Testing

Most health conditions are determined by urine tests only, therefore most of the home health test kits enable users to perform easy and reliable tests without too much trouble . Some results can be read right away at home while some others need to be sent to expert medical laboratories as complex health conditions require more thorough investigation. For a home test you’ll only need a small quantity of urine that could be easily collected with a sterile device. Many ailments are easily detected by relevant urine tests, with home collected samples that are afterwards sent via mail.

There are a few hygiene measures you need to follow when you actually collect the urine sample, for instance you always have to clean the area so that no bacteria may alter the quality of the sample. Most home health test kits include skin sterile materials and pads to use during the procedure. You may check for glucose, hepatitis, many forms of urinary tract infection and so on; for very simple checks the result of the test is conclusive right away, whereas if the virus detection is complex, a professional analysis of the sample is necessary, and you’ll have to send it to the closest laboratory.

For those who watch over diabetes and try to prevent the aggravation of the disease in between visits to the doctor, urine testing at home is of great help. Most such kit models only require the first morning urine to be collected and sent to the laboratory. The most advanced kit models are technologically superior from the point of view of data storage; up to two hundred and fifty test results may be kept in the memory of the device, so that the health evolution may be checked any time you need.

Urine test kits don’t require a special diet before sample collection, which makes them easy to use any time you may need one. Studies indicate that patients who constantly monitor their health condition with the help of home health test kits actually prolong their life with seven years on the average. Very often, the doctor is the one who could recommend a specific type of home health test kit that is the most appropriate for a health condition. Many patients choose to put down the urine test results for a pre-determined period of time, and then present them as a sort of evolution chart by which the doctor can get an idea of the progress they’ve made.