Fundamental Reasons Why Health Clubs Ought to Hire Outside Collection Agencies

Health clubs are very popular in our society these days. With much public consciousness on physical fitness and maintaining good health, many people become members of gyms and health clubs to keep fit. Others join for strength coaching, and/or to lose weight.

Along with the huge popularity of health clubs plus physical fitness, also comes accounts receivable problems, due to problematic payments from some club members. Neglected difficult accounts and deficient internal debt collection techniques generally spell cash flow issues for the managers of these health clubs.

There is a tendency to let overdue accounts pile up in the hopes that delinquent members will pay willingly. Plus whereas managers can focus much of their attention on the gym facility and equipment, the cash-managing aspects of the facility, especially having sound and consistent debt collection strategies in place tend to suffer.

Members typically sign an annual or longer contract, frequently along with a price break off of a monthly “pay as you go” kind scenario. As is usually the case, once the initial excitement and novelty of beginning a new regime wears off, plus the real work of maintaining a consistent fitness schedule, some become disillusioned.

Even though bound to a contract, a few can neglect their obligation and stop payment altogether. Several can suppose that in spite of a legal contract, they shouldn’t have to pay if they’re not using the gym’s facilities.

Internal Debt Collection Techniques

It’s very important to employ plus consistently follow an in house strategy for recovering on overdue accounts. In addition to past due membership dues, different fees, like locker rentals, food services, or additional charges can account for delinquent accounts.

One key element to successful debt recovery is obtaining as much personal information on the initial membership application. Ask for social security and drivers’ license numbers, as well as banking plus employment information. This information can be particularly useful should these accounts need to be outsourced to a collection agency.

Early Plus Consistent Contact Is Critical

Once payment is past due thirty days, a manager or another individual  assigned these tasks ought to call the delinquent member to investigate if there’s a problem. Making a friendly reminder call to encourage the member to adhere to their fitness regimen, as well as inquiring when the past due balance can be brought current can rescue a state of affairs before it gets much worse later.

Recognize When To Outsource Troublesome Accounts

A second phone call and/or letter must be sent to the non-paying club member at forty-five days. Time is of the essence, and you can’t afford to let much more time pass without communication. If the issue isn’t remedied, either with having brought the late monies current, or payment measures made, its time to think about outsourcing to a collection agency.

Statistics bear out that past due accounts decrease in value considerably with the passage of time. At forty-five days without contact from the club member, you should be acquainted with if the condition warrants alternative measures. The earlier these difficult accounts are turned over to a collection agency, the better likelihood for a successful recovery.

Collection agencies have the means, experience plus demonstrated strategies to recover on past due accounts proficiently. Cost options include some agencies that charge a percentage of any money recovered. Others provide the possibility of a fixed price, flat fee, that may be very cost beneficial for many health clubs. Plus, the psychological influence of a impartial third party can make the difference with almost all of late bills.

How to Increase Your Medical Billing Collections With These Six Important Steps

Medical billing collections use is growing, as many doctor’s offices, medical facilities and hospitals confront ever-increasing past due debts from slow paying patients and back-logged insurance claims. Along with over 40 million Americans without any health insurance, a slow economy due to recession, and growing unemployment, means shrinking positive cash flow for medical professionals. Given that prognosis, there are a number of things you can implement to increase your internal medical billing collections. By putting these six tactics into place, you can greatly improve your financial bottom line.

1. Be sure you have a clear payment procedure, placed visibly at the front of your office. New patients need to understand clearly what, if any, payment is expected upfront, in regards to co-pays, etc. This should be understood BEFORE rendering service.

2. It’s very important that you get accurate patient information during that first doctor visit. Get the patient’s full name, address, date of birth, home, work and cell phone numbers. Get their work information: address, phone number(s), position/title, manager/supervisor, etc. Clearly, the more information you can get here, the better. While some patients may balk at giving their social security number, its still a good idea, especially if the account has to be turned over later to a collection agency.

3. If the patient has health insurance, its important to verify at this point. While a doctor’s office can get quite hectic, this crucial step shouldn’t be overlooked. Verifying coverage will avoid headaches later on.

4. In the initial patient application, be sure to clearly detail the patients’ responsibility for payment. You might also consider including language that should the account have to be turned over to a collection agency for non-payment, the patient will be responsible for collection costs. In some states, the business can recoup their costs for hiring a collections agency, if it is stated in the patient-signed application upfront. (Check with your attorney about this, as state laws vary)

5. Allow patients to make payment arrangements for those going through financial difficulties. Because so many are either uninsured or under-insured, making reasonable payment arrangements via installments gives them more options, and greater peace of mind. It will also help generate cash flow to your practice.

6. Know when its time to relinquish those difficult problem accounts, and turn them over to a debt collection agency. As discussed earlier, many patients are facing greater financial burdens, because of higher unemployment, a slow economy and recession, making it increasingly difficult to pay for the high costs of health care.

Most people intend to do the right thing and honoring their debt obligations. But the reality is that some others are less responsible. By using the before-mentioned procedures, consistently and early on, you can better identify the patients experiencing temporary financial problems from the “problem” delinquent accounts. Payment arrangements, and continued communications can better address those problems. With that, the more problem, non-paying clients have to be identified earlier as well. These are the ones to be outsourced to professional collection agencies who are better equipped to handle these types of accounts.

Failing to do so means wasting valuable time, labor and money dealing with difficult accounts. You can’t afford to waste time here, because the longer an account goes unpaid, the lesser the likelihood of getting paid at all. By placing these accounts earlier, you greatly increase your opportunity for getting a great deal, or at least some of your money. As a general rule, after 90 days of non-payment, medical billing collections should be turned over to a collection agency. These simple, but very important tips are very effective in shrinking your medical billing delinquencies. Put into consistent practice, you can greatly improve your medical billing collections.

How to Collect Free Health Insurance Quotes – Helpful Shopping Tips

The good health care nowadays is expensive. This is the main reason why you need reliable health insurance. In this way you will be able to afford regular health checks and adequate treatment. You and your family can only benefit from such an arrangement. The only problem is that the coverage plans are expensive. Thus, the best thing you can do is to shop around for free health insurance quotes.

Your main objective is to collect as many of these as possible. In this way you have a better chance of finding the most beneficial offer with the most affordable rates. The best way to shop for free health insurance quotes is to use the internet. You will get plenty of offers easily and quickly.

It is best not to look for insurance companies straight away. This is time consuming and often totally ineffective. You have to go to the website of a company that provides quotes from different insurer. You will simply need to enter your zip code or the state in which you live. Then you will be redirected to a list of insurers in your area. By following the links you will get directly to the pages on their websites

Then you have to fill in a short form with some personal details. This is necessary as this information will determine the costs you will have to incur when purchasing a coverage plan. You should not need any special help to fill in the form. You need to have a basic idea about your medical history and present condition. You may also have to enter similar details about your spouse and/or your children if you are looking for a family plan. You might want to remember some of these details in advance. In this way you will save time when requesting free health insurance quotes.

Generally, it is important for you to decide what type of insurance you need. You know best whether you need an individual or family plan. You can readily go for student health insurance if you have not completed your university education yet. It is often more difficult for the buyers to decide whether they actually need a short term plan or not. It is generally recommended to individuals in between jobs. It is also suitable for recent graduates who have not find a permanent position yet. However, these plans may not be beneficial for people on a very restricted budget.

Usually, you will not wait for more than a couple of minutes to get an offer from an insurance company. This is yet another reason why you should devote some time to shopping and collect as many quotes as possible. You should not hesitate to request offers from all insurers listed on the general directory website. You do not have research these companies one by one in advance as the quote providers have done this for you. Still, once you start comparing the different free health insurance quotes you should definitely look at the ratings of the different companies.